Buyer Advisor Agreement

Birch Realty Group is unsurpassed in their reputation and knowledge of the Mobile Home Park Community sales and management. We have been in the business of sales, acquisition and management of Mobile Home Communities for over 20 years. Let our excellence in these areas work for you!

Because of our expertise and long history in this business, our company has knowledge of many properties that, while not listed due to the seller’s preference, are available for qualified buyers. Birch Realty Group is equipped to handle negotiations and closing details in the capacity as a Buyer Advisor for you. You will receive outstanding service, professional courtesy and above all, the knowledge of an experienced staff that deals exclusively with mobile home communities.

We will assist the buyer in a thorough due diligence to specify actual income and actual expenses for the purpose of determining the fair market value of the mobile home park property. We will negotiate and successfully conclude the purchase of the mobile home community for you. This service is provided for you through our experienced acquisition staff for a 3% premium. This premium puts our experience, professionalism, reputation, and networking contacts to work exclusively for you!

To have us act as your exclusive Buyer Advisor, contact us or phone us at 1-(727) 914-8700. Put our experience to work for you!